What can be done to strengthen an agile culture? Join the discussion

State of Agile Culture Panel Discussion

Following on from the successful publication of the State of Agile Culture report in 2020, JCURV, Agile Business Consortium and Truthsayers®  are running a follow up discussion panel on what practical things can be done to strengthen an agile culture.

11 March 5pm GMT/UTC (9-11am PT | 12-2pm ET | 6-8pm CET).

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We have a panel of senior leaders, representing banks and retailers, through to thriving online businesses joining us to discuss:

  • The importance of an agile culture
  • The importance of leadership in building an agile culture
  • The typical challenges faced when looking to strengthen the agile culture of an organisation
  • The practical tools and techniques that have worked best to strengthen an agile culture
  • How you can start your journey

Meet the panelists:

  • Dan Wilkinson, Transformation Lead, Lloyds Banking Group
  • Amanda Colpoys, Business Agility Coach, OVO
  • Richard Gange, Scrum Master Team Lead, Hargreaves Landsdown
  • Simon Pakenham-Walsh, Digital & Technology Director, Arcadia Group

As a reminder, our State of Agile Culture report looked at the different dimensions of agile culture and how it impacts organisations. Our top six insights were:

  1. A strong agile culture improves business performance by 235%
  2. Organisations using more sophisticated agile operating models have a weaker culture
  3. Employees prefer to work in an agile environment
  4. Strengthening the culture takes time and commitment, but it pays off at each stage of growth
  5. As agile culture matures, the importance of the individual declines and changes to a team focus
  6. The financial services industry has the strongest agile culture, while the public sector is one of the weakest.

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view: The State of Agile Culture 2020 Report

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