Truthsayers® Podcast: Why Neurotech® is the Future of Consumer Research

Listen now to the Truthsayers® Podcast Professor Lisa Methven FIFST, RSensSci, CSci, Professor of Food and Sensory Science, Director of the FoodBioSystems DTP, University of Reading is in conversation with Cheryl Stapleton about our collaborative research project. Professor Methven explains how Neurotech® has helped students to gather emotional responses from consumers, providing unique insights into how we purchase food.   … Read More

How to find out if your employees are mentally fit for work

Understanding Employee Mental Wellness has never been more important. At a time when organisations, globally, are suffering immense economic setbacks, one of the greatest risk factors in successful economic re-growth is the potential mental instability of our work force. Without the right support mechanisms in place, the fallout could be immense.   Last year, stress, depression and anxiety accounted for … Read More