Mental Health in the Workplace – What are the Legal Responsibilities?

” … one of the major issues is that a lot of frontline managers do not realise that mental health/illness can actually be a disability in the workplace … “ Watch, listen or read the discussion below.   Joanne Boyle, Legal Director, Employment Law Team at FootAnstey LLP talks to Cheryl Stapleton, Head of Content at Truthsayers®. In this episode … Read More

How can you really measure the impact you make? Part 4 (of 4)

“… to see all the ones and zeros we’ve got in our systems are actually making a real change, for real people, in business …” The final part of this four episode season from Truthsayers Neurocast, featuring our partner, PTHR.   Simon Stapleton, Co-Founder of Truthsayers, talks to Perry Timms, Founder & Chief Energy Officer, PTHR. In this episode, they … Read More