Unconscious Bias Training Is Not Enough. Do These 3 Things As Well

UBT is big business. $Billions spent globally every year. But does it really work? As of late, the reputation of Unconscious Bias Training has begun to take a hit, and, perhaps, rightly so. There’s been the usual smorgasbord of training companies, learning centres and consultancies jumping on the bandwagon, all claiming they’ve got the solution. Pour in a heady mix … Read More

Why Is It So Hard To Be Authentic?

“I wonder… if I look at the Gen Z people that are coming into the workplace, whether or not they’re prepared to make those trades in the way that my generation was?” Series 6 from Truthsayers® Neurocast™ – 1st of 3 episodes in this conversation. Simon Stapleton, Co-Founder, Truthsayers® and Paul Anderson Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder, The Centre for Inclusive Leadership tackle conscious bias … Read More