Happier at Work Podcast

Happier at Work · 76: Bringing Authenticity to work with Simon Stapleton We are delighted to share with you episode 76 of the Happier at Work podcast, featuring Simon Stapleton in conversation with Aoife O’Brien.   In this episode, both Aoife and Simon offer their insights into workplace engagement and share their previous experiences of feeling a lack of psychological … Read More

Why Is It So Hard To Be Authentic?

“I wonder… if I look at the Gen Z people that are coming into the workplace, whether or not they’re prepared to make those trades in the way that my generation was?” Series 6 from Truthsayers® Neurocast™ – 1st of 3 episodes in this conversation. Simon Stapleton, Co-Founder, Truthsayers® and Paul Anderson Walsh, CEO and Co-Founder, The Centre for Inclusive Leadership tackle conscious bias … Read More