How to inclusively support a diverse workforce: Ep 3 (of 3)

“… go to your employees and use a technique such as the Neurotech® approach to find out how people really feel because that’s authenticity … and then using that to then have open, transparent conversations about the next steps.” Series 5 from Truthsayers® Neurocast™ – 3rd of 3 episodes in this conversation. Catch up on episodes 1 & 2 here. Simon Stapleton, Co-Founder … Read More

Using Agile Tools to Improve Resilience: Ep 2 (of 3)

“We’ve been able to point the Neurotech® solution to a whole host of different problems … we love helping our clients solve problems.” Simon Stapleton, Co-Founder of Truthsayers® continues his conversation with Jeff Fox, Principal at AON Simon Stapleton: As we’ve discovered over the last few weeks, we’re able to use the platform in different ways quite quickly. We’re able to innovate … Read More