The only Employee Engagement survey that discovers how your employees truly feel 


Our E-Cubed® survey tool is on the next frontier of Employee Engagement & Experience...

Based on neuroscience and psychology, E-Cubed is a different kind of survey because it focuses on the attitudes and feelings of employees, and bypasses conscious biases. Our customers tell us that E-Cubed is much more accurate, actionable and fun to use than traditional survey methods, and they’ve seen much higher response rates than ever before.

Watch the 4 minute mini documentary where
Dr Peter Collett (Sky News Psychologist, author, broadcaster) explains why your employees struggle to tell you the truth

  • Easy to use.

    All online, easy to set up and can be run on any device, anytime, anywhere

  • Multi Lingual.

    Ensures you can include all your employees in the survey in their native languages wherever they are in the world

  • Highly configurable.

    Configure the survey to include who in your workforce will be surveyed and with what

  • Pulse Capability.

    Use the pulse capability to proactively manage the ongoing engagement

  • Upload, or Create Online

    We’ve taken the pain out of organisation structure and functions. Create on-the-fly or upload from existing data sources

  • Regular Updates.

    We regularly add new features to
    E-Cubed within your license



Powerful real-time analytics that are easy to understand and available at the touch of a button. You can track the progress of your survey, too, in real-time as it happens.

Gain deep insight into your organisation using our rich Analytics platform. It's easy-to-use and uncomplicated - taking the pain out of the process of interpreting the results.

Compare cohorts against company norms, at the click of a button. React quickly to the Key Conclusions.

And once you have run a survey for the second time (and every time after) you'll be able to compare and contrast the results easily, so you can identify trends in change and consistent results.

Analytics are available during and after a survey - you don't need to wait to receive your report.

Three reasons to give E-Cubed® a try today

Response Rates increased from
54% to 91%

Surveys are completed in only
10 minutes

Time taken to setup a survey
20 minutes


See how E-Cubed works yourself by taking our demo.

Experience our IRT-based, neuroscience-backed survey tool - and be amazed how simple, quick and fun it is. You'll discover why our customers are telling us why their EE response-rates are so high.

Instructions are provided before the demo begins.

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