The only Conduct Risk assessment tool that measures the risk sentiment of your project and operational teams and how it changes over time.


Conduct Risk and Culture… get it right and it's core to protecting your regulatory compliance and a great customer experience.

But how do you easily evidence all the top down governance, ethics and integrity as well as identifying any conflicts of interest? How can leaders be confident that conduct risk is really being carried out in alignment with strategy across all operations and programmes of change?

CONDUCT_R tells you immediately what is being done well and where to focus remedial activities. By capturing employees true feelings, it’s the only way to identify how embedded your Conduct Risk controls and processes really are.​

CONDUCT_R makes it easy for CROs, COOs, Operations Managers & Programme Managers to gauge and understand their risk environment based on the unmoderated, intuitive sentiment of staff. It gives you the TRUTH.

No more anecdotes and guess-work; CONDUCT_R brings hard metric data to measuring risk.

  • Neuroscience-Backed

    Measure the risk sentiment of your team using neuroscience-backed technology

  • Compare Teams & Multiple Cohorts

    Identify relative issues between teams, functions and seniority levels

  • Anonymous & Secure

    100% anonymous and data is stored and transmitted using encryption

  • Heat-Map Analytics

    So you can focus on the hotspots and take immediate remedial action

  • Easy Deployment & Repeatable

    Run the survey as many times as you like annually or across your change portfolio

  • Benchmarking

    Benchmark your programme / project delivery. Improve Conduct risk discipline



Powerful real-time analytics that are easy to understand and available at the touch of a button. You can track the progress of your assessment, too, in real-time as it happens.

Conduct_R analytics provides you with real-time insight into how well conduct risk is embedded in your organisation. Our heat mapping shows you where its embedded, where its not and what to focus on to ensure  your employees activities and your organisations framework is aligned with your strategy. The ‘shift effect’ analytics helps you measure over time what is working and what isn’t. Assessments can be run as many times as you like across the entire organisation including your change portfolio. Our benchmarking capability allows you to see what that looks like across all your programmes and projects and where to improve. The insight ‘bundling’ capability means you can easily evidence and share your status with the FCA, giving you more powerful, efficient governance, and you'll be able to compare and contrast the results easily, so you can identify trends in change and consistent results.

Analytics are available during and after an assessment - you don't need to wait to receive your report.

Three reasons to give CONDUCT_R a try today



Confidently assure the appropriate degree of protection for your customers and employees



Enhance the integrity of compliance within your industry standards and regulations



Be competitive at pace whilst providing greater outcomes for your stakeholders



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