The plugin, ready to roll, Neurotech® Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Customer Experience is the battleground of the digital age.

To remain competitive, brands must fundamentally understand their customers needs and attitudes more deeply and authentically, by seeking unbiased, relevant, timely feedback.

Because how helpful is a NPS10 rating when you just know there are underlying challenges in your product or service?

C_SAT is the only survey that gives you the truth you need to address these challenges.


Powerful real-time analytics that are easy to understand and available at the touch of a button. The insights enable you to focus your product development on the most relevant customer wants and needs .

Discover your customers' positive and negative feelings in relation to different aspects of the customer experience and your product offering, so that you don’t risk losing them in a heartbeat and having to rebuild trust. Our cohort analysis means you can see how your customers naturally segment themselves based on their responses, giving you new insights and spotting unseen patterns in how they experience your product offering.

The key conclusions automatically identify the most important areas you need to take action on. And our time series analysis allows you to see how customer preferences and the customer experience performs overtime.

  • Plug & Play

    All online, easy to set up and can be run on any device, anytime, anywhere. Enabling you to be proactive.

  • Multi Lingual.

    Ensures you can compare and contrast customer segments wherever they are in the world

  • Survey Editor.

    Configure the survey to your brand and include who will be surveyed and with what

  • Analyse by unlimited cohorts.

    Cut your data using multiple cohorts - target your segments

  • Survey Display Options.

    Giving you control over where to show the survey, such as your website, or an e-mail.

  • Regular Updates.

    We regularly add new features to C_SAT within your license


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