Podcast: What Employees Think About Their Workplace

How do we really know what employees think about their workplace? How do we get employees to be honest about how they feel? It’s essential to get to the truth, so that leaders can make decisions based on the real issues, rather than on diluted opinions.

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Aon’s new Reflections platform, powered by Neurotech®️ measures gut reactions rather than surveying. In this podcast from Aon, find out more about the technology and how it is helping to build happier, more positive and more inclusive workplaces.

Helen Payne, strategic consultant at Aon and Simon Stapleton, co-founder and CEO of Truthsayers®️ get to the heart of the matter.

Jump to these chapters:

01:45 – What is actually wrong with traditional employee surveys?

03:30 – Where do you typically see the biggest difference between the explicit and implicit responses?

06:35 – How are Aon’s clients using the Reflection tool?

09:00 – What are the key takeaways from recent Reflection projects compared to using traditional methods?

11:15 – What is the participant experience like with Reflection?

13:30 – Is this a completely new idea?

15:30 – Why is thinking of the employee as a customer the way forward?