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feel therefore I am

- Professor Antonio Damasio, Neuroscientist, 2003

What is Implicit Reaction Time (IRT) Testing?

Developed from Neuroscience and Psychology, IRTs tap into an individual's, automatic, intuitive and instinctive gut responses to find out how they truly feel about their surroundings and the people they come into contact with

Advances in the study of the brain - Neuroscience - over the last 30 years have shown that our emotions and feelings are deep seated, complex and nonconscious in origin. They are often hidden from us and because of this, it is very difficult for individuals to consciously explain how they feel in any great depth using traditional surveys. In many cases we simply don’t know how and why we feel the way we do

Our IRTs bypass conscious bias and thought processes and get right to the heart of how people really feel and capture their gut responses. There’s no box-ticking and the individual doesn’t even have to think about their answers. They simply react to what they see on a screen when prompted to do so and the IRT and our advanced implicit platform do the rest.

The Techie Bit...

Our Neurotech® platform has been developed over ten years, and has been designed with scale, security and flexibility at the core. What that means is that we can spin-up new products, and whole businesses, with unrivalled agility.

We use a blend of cloud-based, open-source and in-house developed technologies. Where possible, we configure rather than code.


Organisations that understand the power of the latest advances in neuroscience have had no way of practically applying it in the workplace. Until now. Our platform makes neuro technology accessible to businesses, their customers and their partners.

- Andy Dean, Co-Founder, Truthsayers®