Our Mission in Pictures

When you call your company Truthsayers, it sets a certain expectation.

Such a name creates a responsibility to surface and communicate the truth, even if it is not what we always want to hear.

This is why we’ve made it our mission to enable the truth – and for our customers to Become Powered by the Truth – to boot. We started Truthsayers because we know our workplaces and businesses can be better places if truthful, authentic communication was enabled. We can help companies address the many things that are critical to business today:

  • Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace
  • Employee Engagement and Experience
  • Building unbeatable Customer Experience
  • Assessing, Managing and Tracking Risk
  • Culture Fitness

Over the last few weeks we have embarked on a social media campaign to set the scene and lay out our stall. We felt it was important to start as we mean to go on. The challenge is getting that message across in a meaningful way that doesn’t sound grandiose or patronising. We felt the best way to go about this was to have a thread of high impact, high contrast images with simple messages that people could relate to.

Our first post – what employees want:

We started the campaign with a baseline message that sums up why we exist as a business – to help people communicate better in order to have a positive impact on millions of workplaces.

Not all employers are currently prepared to listen to their employees truth – whether due to old-fashioned thinking or the fabric of HR practices hasn’t been invested in. So we left the message hanging a little…


Our second post – enabling the employee communication channel:

In our second image post, we felt it important to resonate against a problem that is currently receiving a lot of air-time in the media – Employee Wellbeing. We all know from the times we have been under stress that it is difficult to communicate our feelings effectively.

We want this issue to be on the public’s conscious beyond it being a ‘hot-topic’. Wellbeing is a constant we should all come to expect – it’s not a nice to have. The way Truthsayers is enabling that is to provide a mechanism for employers to gather data about the factors of Wellbeing across their organisation, and then to discover in which teams, functions or seniority levels the problem might be the most acute, and their causal links, and then target their interventions.


Our third post – enabling employee retention through understanding:

The third post in the series deliberately champions those people who are feeling disillusioned in their jobs, and new jobs at that. Approximately 35% of people join a company and then, within one year, leave. Why is that? Broken promises, no doubt, but which promises? It was important to us that the Truthsayers E-Cubed platform enables employers to discover which aspects of the ‘psychological contract‘ they’re breaking before employees leave – rather than waiting for clumsy Exit Interviews to find out what most employers already know. For us, it’s all about providing the tools and data to target talent retention and employee satisfaction.


Our fourth post – connecting employers with the needs of their workforce:

This post pokes fun at a very real phenomenon that’s common over the last ten years. Global companies such as Google have been renowned (at least from a popular myth perspective) for funky workspaces with bean-bags, fruit baskets and cup-cakes.

These things are ‘nice’ but sadly many organisations think, in providing these, that’s Job Done. Millennial employees (in particular) want much than that. They want a purpose and a community, and to have equal opportunities to flourish. Employers need to focus on what really matters to their talent, and not just the baubles. A core feature of Truthsayers E-Cubed is really providing employers with the means to do it, in a way that is geared much more towards their audience.


Our fifth post -measuring wellbeing in the workplace:

A more hard-hitting, somber post. This one is to point out that wellbeing and mental health are not obvious, and in fact are often deliberately hidden from view. Chances are, one of the people near you right now is doing just that (1 in 7 people are experiencing mental illness in the workplace.)

Employers have a duty to look after their people, but so few really know how (or are tooled up) to measure and react to wellbeing issues. We are passionate about doing what we can to help companies root-out the detractors of wellbeing, and therefore we are developing a product specifically aimed at measuring and diagnosing wellbeing in the workplace

The Truthsayers Mission Continues…

In order to solve some of the big problems in business, we won’t rest until we’ve given everybody the means to voice their feelings.

We’ve built products on our Neurotech platform to help us achieve this, and we also want to work with organisations, societies, associations, influencers and charities to progress our mission.

We would love to work with you – please contact us.