Truthsayers® Neurocast: Why Neurotech® is the Future of Consumer Research

Listen now to the Truthsayers® Podcast   “… what people state explicitly that they will buy, that they will purchase, that they will eat, is not the same thing as what they actually do in terms of their true day to day behaviour …” Professor Lisa Methven FIFST, RSensSci, CSci, Professor of Food and Sensory Science, Director of the FoodBioSystems … Read More

Why is your talent leaving and joining your competitors?

Now there’s a question. And why should you pay attention to the headline? Because a paradigm shift is happening. Employees are becoming increasingly selective about who they work for and companies are having to place more emphasis on the quality of their employee experience. The power, to some extent, has shifted. An organisation’s success or failure, in terms of recruitment … Read More

How to find out if your employees are mentally fit for work

Understanding Employee Mental Wellness has never been more important. At a time when organisations, globally, are suffering immense economic setbacks, one of the greatest risk factors in successful economic re-growth is the potential mental instability of our work force. Without the right support mechanisms in place, the fallout could be immense.   Last year, stress, depression and anxiety accounted for … Read More

Authenticity Improves Business Performance, so we are Improving Authenticity

Authenticity in the workplace has great benefits for business. When we are authentic, we behave according to our ‘whole selves’ – warts and all. When we feel we cannot be authentic, we are likely to moderate what we say and how we behave according to perceived norms and expectations. We are more likely to withhold what we feel and express … Read More

How we are using Neuroscience to assess Conduct Risk

What we say and what we do are not always the same. In fact, crunching the billions of datapoints we’ve gathered on our Neurotech platform, 84% of the things we say we do are not done at all (or to a much lesser extent.) I’m not suggesting for one minute that most people tell outright lies when asked a question, … Read More

What can be done to strengthen an agile culture? Join the discussion

State of Agile Culture Panel Discussion Following on from the successful publication of the State of Agile Culture report in 2020, JCURV, Agile Business Consortium and Truthsayers®  are running a follow up discussion panel on what practical things can be done to strengthen an agile culture. 11 March 5pm GMT/UTC (9-11am PT | 12-2pm ET | 6-8pm CET). Check the … Read More

Sustainability, veganism, zero carbon footprint … how committed are we?

How committed are we to change?

It’s easy to pay lip service to our ethical responsibility to the planet, but are we really prepared to drastically change our shopping habits and diets? Now, more than ever, sustainability in the consumer food chain is vital, but it’s pointless if retailers don’t fully understand the truth of how consumers feel. Let’s face it, few people would openly admit … Read More

Are you driving your Employees to Suicide?

Of course not you say, but the appalling attitude and behaviour of the senior management at France Telecom did just that, and it shows the power management can have not only on the lives of employees, but also on their deaths. For those not up to speed with this tragic case, I’ll let the BBC’s news channel describe what is … Read More

Our Mission in Pictures

When you call your company Truthsayers, it sets a certain expectation. Such a name creates a responsibility to surface and communicate the truth, even if it is not what we always want to hear. This is why we’ve made it our mission to enable the truth – and for our customers to Become Powered by the Truth – to boot. … Read More

If you hate Employee Engagement surveys, then you will love Truthsayers E-Cubed

As a business leader, what’s more important to you: ticking boxes, or learning how your employees really feel about your workplace? Sounds crazy, but that’s the reality of traditional Employee Engagement surveys. Business leaders are telling us they’ve lost faith in EE surveys because they don’t really tell them anything that’s useful or solvable. They tell us that the traditional … Read More