If you hate Employee Engagement surveys, then you will love Truthsayers E-Cubed

As a business leader, what’s more important to you: ticking boxes, or learning how your employees really feel about your workplace?

Sounds crazy, but that’s the reality of traditional Employee Engagement surveys. Business leaders are telling us they’ve lost faith in EE surveys because they don’t really tell them anything that’s useful or solvable.

  • They tell us that the traditional EE survey is more about box-ticking, than it is learning.
  • They tell us that response rates are low, so they are never sure if the data they gather represents that of the whole company (or just from the small group of outspoken employees who gripe a lot, or at the other end of the scale think everything is wonderful.)
  • And they tell us that their employees respond to traditional surveys with ‘considered’ answers, but rarely completely truthful. Sound familiar?

Your employees, like all human beings, struggle to access and communicate their true feelings, and when asked to respond about your company between Strongly Agree and Strongly Disagree (known as the Likert Scale), they will give you a moderated, biased answer. Their reasons for moderating answers may well be for retribution (I’ll show ‘em…), or for ingratiation (wouldn’t want to damage my chance of promotion…),or maybe they’ve been told to answer favourably by a bullying middle manager. It might even be because they just simply can’t be bothered. The thing is, how do you know?

A major criticism of traditional EE surveys is that they target only a brief moment in time – once a year – because of the effort involved in planning, configuring, executing and analysing. For the fast-moving, agile organisation, this is far too infrequent.

It’s no wonder that many of the Business leaders we’ve talked to feel disillusioned with traditional EE surveys, is it? No, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Truthsayers launched E-Cubed because traditional EE surveys simply can’t give businesses the deep and accurate insight to make responsible decisions with.

One BIG difference between E-Cubed and the outdated EE surveys that precede it, is that E-Cubed measures feelings and attitudes, rather than how much a respondent agrees with something. In fact, E-Cubed doesn’t ask your employees what they think at all – instead, using neuroscience techniques, the technology measures an emotional response to statements about your company and your leadership. It taps into the emotional mind of the human-being you’re surveying, and bypasses conscious bias.

We’ve built E-Cubed to overcome this objection, by making the configuration easy, the distribution of the survey a simple process (including regular reminders according to your own specification) and the analysis of results immediate (you won’t need to wait for the survey to end to view insights as they emerge.) Because of this, many of our customers are running E-Cubed surveys once every quarter – it’s been designed to run as often as they wish, without incurring additional license costs. And yes that means everyday if they really want to!

Another difference customers notice is in the time it takes to complete an E-Cubed survey – it’s far quicker than the traditional boring box-ticking surveys currently inflicted on employees. Because E-Cubed essentially removes the burden of thinking – which is one of the hardest things the brain has to do – and over-considering an answer. Our surveys are typically completed within 6 – 8 minutes (including breaks!) and customers are telling us that response-rates are much higher than their traditional surveys.

By the way, if you want to see how an E-Cubed survey works for yourself, you can have a go of our demo right here.