How to find out if your employees are mentally fit for work

Understanding Employee Mental Wellness has never been more important.

At a time when organisations, globally, are suffering immense economic setbacks, one of the greatest risk factors in successful economic re-growth is the potential mental instability of our work force. Without the right support mechanisms in place, the fallout could be immense.


Last year, stress, depression and anxiety accounted for 55% of workplace illness

(HSE Annual Statistics)

The full impact of Covid on the mental health of our nation is yet to reach a peak. “Mental health problems cost society nearly £119 billion already. That is likely to rise sharply this year in the wake of Covid-19,” according to Nick O’Shea, chief economist at the Centre for Mental Health. In the 2020 Spending Review for Wellbeing, he warns of “profound and lasting effects on the public’s mental health, and we estimate that at least half a million more people will experience a mental health difficulty this year as a result.”

The time to act is now – before the inevitable spike in post-Covid mental health issues. Whilst organisations recognise that Employee Wellbeing needs to be the highest priority, do they have the right tools for the job? It’s time to ask: How can we assess the scale of the problem we’re facing, at an organisational level? What do our employees need, so that they feel supported and valued through the tough times ahead?

Do we know how our employees really feel?


Knowing how your employees really feel is crucial to putting the right support in place and mitigating the risk. Having the right tools to assess the sentiments of your workforce is key. Organisations spend £billions every year on employee wellbeing and engagement surveys to try and understand the issues that their people are facing, but unfortunately, these methods will only ever give you half the picture. Traditional employee engagement surveys will tell you what your employees think, but not what they really feel. Ask someone a direct question: “Do you feel stressed during your working day?” and a gamut of thoughts pop up for your mind to navigate:

In an ideal world, you would talk directly with each employee, but for large organisations, working to a tight time frame, that just isn’t practical. Even if you do talk to your employees, will they have the courage to open up and be honest with you? Emotions can be hard to communicate. Despite the increased public awareness of mental illness, there is still a stigma attached to talking to your boss about feeling mentally unwell.

A holistic approach is needed, with a system that can capture the way employees really feel, without them feeling exposed or judged – and without their rational brain moderating their answers.

Neurotech® is the holistic answer you need.


At Truthsayers®, we have developed a platform that uses neuroscience, psychology, and technology to enable organisations to understand the true feelings of their people at a nonconscious level, bypassing the conscious biases that affect what we say. Our Neurotech® is a task-orientated system that captures how your employees really feel. It’s a completely new style of survey that asks no direct questions – and gets to the unmoderated truth. Neurotech® works by measuring response times to the given tasks, and then uses neuroscience and technology to crunch the data to unlock the truth you need to know. It’s simple, fully accessible and even fun to take. The responses collected are converted into comprehensive, yet easy-to-understand, actionable reports, giving your organisation a clear picture of the emotional health of your workforce.

We are working with agile leaders in major corporations across the globe who understand that getting to the heart of the matter, quickly, is vital, so that they can put the right provisions in place to support their employees through the challenging months – and maybe years – ahead.