How Do You Really Feel About Climate Change?

Animated image showing cartoon characters with burning tree and flooding globe, asking you to take the survey on how you really feel about climate change. The link and a QR code are shown.

Global warming is back in the headlines.

In response to the recent report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we’re running a global Neurotech® survey to discover how people really feel about climate change.

Take The Global Climate Change Survey

The survey won’t take long, it’s available for anyone to access and we’ll share the findings to give us all a true picture of public sentiment towards climate change.

It’s anonymous, simple, fully accessible and fun to take.

Why Neurotech®?

What we say and how we actually feel are often inconsistent – for many different and valid reasons. Using Neurotech®, we can measure an individual’s true depth of commitment. We capture responses at a nonconscious level, bypassing the conscious biases that can affect what we say, allowing us access to the unmoderated truth. There’s also a short traditional survey, so we can compare what people are saying with how they really feel.

We all need to know the truth of public sentiment, so we can judge how much work still needs to be done and whether global action on climate change is likely to succeed.

Know the facts – Read the IPCC report