Our client, a global personal hygiene brand, was coming under threat from their major competitor, who was being seen as more modern and vibrant. To combat this the client wanted to introduce new product innovation and packaging design to help retain the loyalty of their current users and persuade the competitor’s users to switch to their brand. The criteria for re-launch was to have stronger appeal to our key consumer segment as a “brand for me” than their current or competitor’s packs deliver still be clearly identifiable as their brand to avoid alienating their current consumers be more progressive, vibrant, stylish and intuitive than the current design.

The current packaging plus two new designs and the competitor’s packaging were tested across a sample of 540 women between the ages of 18 and 45. Packs were compared using an Implicit Reaction Time (IRT) test which was designed and built specifically for the project by our in-house technical and scientific team. The test used the same 23 attributes to test all 4 packages and their assets, and the results computed through our algorithms to give significance levels.

The client described the benefits of the study as:

Identifying very clearly which brand attributes we “own” and which are implicitly associated with our competitor

Unequivocally found that our new packaging design (Option 2) scored highest on positive attributes, Purchase Intent and was able to shift non-users back towards our brand

Has clearly demonstrated the power of the implicit research approach.

“The results are fabulous!  I’m very excited about them and how it will help show the power of using implicit versus explicit responses in research.” – Global Technical Research and Insights Leader