ITV launched its FUSION model for building effective brand partnerships that was developed from their Next Generation Sponsorship study (NGS). NGS was primarily based on a combination of desk research, qualitative and quantitative research techniques – all explicit in nature. This explicit research validated the importance of strategic links and creative effectiveness in developing a successful partnership with ITV content. However, it was clear that the rational explicit research data collected, didn’t go deep enough in measuring the emotional value that ITV content could deliver to a potential brand partnership.

A new customised research project was set up using our Brainlink® implicit testing platform, to measure ITV viewer’s deeper emotional connections to programmes and brands.

The project demonstrated (as proof of concept) that the innovative implicit research method would improve the strategic planning and evaluation of brand partnerships with ITV content. It was then developed into a planning and evaluation tool covering a comprehensive range of emotional attributes commonly used in planning and brand equity models.

Using this new implicit research tool, ITV showed how VISA would benefit from continuing their partnership with Coronation Street and Emmerdale, securing a six-figure sum of revenue for the business.

“we launched FUSION and promised our customers that we would continue to develop this framework for effective partnerships. The results from this project clearly show how they can benefit from brand partnerships with ITV programmes” – Gary Knight – ITV Commercial Content Director