How we are using Neuroscience to assess Conduct Risk

by Simon Stapleton, Co-Founder of Truthsayers Neurotech® What we say and what we do are not always the same. In fact, crunching the billions of datapoints we’ve gathered on our Neurotech platform, 84% of the things we say we do are not done at all (or to a much lesser extent.) I’m not suggesting for one minute that most people … Read More

What can be done to strengthen an agile culture? Join the discussion

State of Agile Culture Panel Discussion Following on from the successful publication of the State of Agile Culture report in 2020, JCURV, Agile Business Consortium and Truthsayers®  are running a follow up discussion panel on what practical things can be done to strengthen an agile culture. 11 March 5pm GMT/UTC (9-11am PT | 12-2pm ET | 6-8pm CET). Check the … Read More

Implicit is the only truth you need to know

Melania Trump’s body double.  Presidential inauguration crowd sizes.  Russian sightseers.  Terrorist incident hoaxes.  What do these statements have in common?  They all made global news headlines for purporting to be true.  With over half of the stories published on Facebook allegedly false, in this era of ‘Fake News’ it’s becoming more and more difficult to sort fact from fiction and … Read More