I am Tina Jennings


About Me

Tina is an entrepreneur who helps empower businesses and people to deliver profitable growth and strategically leverage technology

Tina is a business professional with a consistent track record in the development and profitable growth of businesses within the financial services industry. She has a wide range of experience of operating at director level in addition to; M&A activity, change programmes and management buy-out.
She brings a brilliant mix of entrepreneurial flair and drive mixed with commercial nous to our team. This means we get the dual benefit of new and inventive thinking around our business opportunities and platform ecosystem coupled with a sharp mind for spotting how and where to monetise our creation. Lots of energy whilst keeping us in a straight line!

In her previous roles as a senior executive, Tina has contributed to the overall strategic direction of a diverse range of business sectors including Employee Benefits, Commercial Insurance, Corporate and Personal Pensions and Mortgages.

My Creds

More than 20 years experience working at Senior Executive and Board level in fast paced rapidly transforming industries

  • Analytical Leader

    Expert in identifying opportunities for profitable business growth through comprehensive people strategies, business analysis and empowering leadership.

  • Innovator

    Pioneered human capital risk tools that have delivered holistic approaches to employee benefits and integrated health and well being.

  • Trusted Advisor

    Consultant to FTSE 100 companies assisting in development of their Employee Value Propositions.

  • Leverages Technology

    Extensive experience in M&A with a focus on negotiation and integration, in particular strategically leveraging technology.

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Executive Team

We started Truthsayers because we are great friends who share a vision on how business should be. We enjoy honest banter and a robust conversation - all in the spirit of innovation, building products that will change the world, and keeping it fun.

Our shared values are simple: authenticity, courage and social purpose.

Advisory Board

Dr Peter Collett

Behavioural Psychologist, Author, Broadcaster

Tina Jennings

Employee Benefits Specialist, Mergers & Acquisitions and Change Specialist

Hilary Barnett

HR Leader specialising in attitudinal and behavioural change, transforming organisations.

Dr Alastair Goode

Cognitive Scientist, Behavioural Economist,
Implicit Expert

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