I am Tim Evans


About Me

I create and nurture innovative businesses and products

I’m an entrepreneur and innovator at heart. Always curious, never accepting the status quo and in an increasingly fast paced digital world I love finding ways to leverage technology that can benefit and re-connect with the individual on a human level. That’s where the real power lies. Over the last 20 years I’ve built products, businesses or teams across the UK and globally, for large Corporates and multi-nationals to start ups. I’ve led flagship industry research, pioneered new products and ways of thinking, and helped transform organisations from the ground up.

And through all the successes and failures I’ve cultivated a deep seated belief in the power of honesty, transparency and openness in the workplace. If you get it right it has a monumental benefit to employees’ happiness, customer experience and the richness of your business partnerships. It’s truly inspiring to really see your people and your products fly. That’s why this positive collision between neuroscience and technology is so exciting. We can do great things!

My Creds

Joining all the dots together in smart ways

  • Product Development

    As a product owner and thought leader I’ve pioneered new products and innovative capabilities across different verticals of Financial Services.

  • Global Experience

    I’ve built teams in the UK and those that spanned US, APAC and EMEA. Understanding the ‘glocal’ nature of business is vital to successfully harnessing your people and product.

  • Business Complexity

    I’m an expert in organisational complexity and complex systems which is a powerful lens to see business through when transforming them.

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Executive Team

We started Truthsayers because we are great friends who share a vision on how business should be. We enjoy honest banter and a robust conversation - all in the spirit of innovation, building products that will change the world, and keeping it fun.

Our shared values are simple: authenticity, courage and social purpose.

Advisory Board

Dr Peter Collett

Behavioural Psychologist, Author, Broadcaster

Tina Jennings

Employee Benefits Specialist, Mergers & Acquisitions and Change Specialist

Hilary Barnett

HR Leader specialising in attitudinal and behavioural change, transforming organisations.

Dr Alastair Goode

Cognitive Scientist, Behavioural Economist,
Implicit Expert

We are always looking for creative, inquisitive, open-minded talent to
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