I am Dr Peter Collett


About Me

Peter is a world leading Psychologist, author and broadcaster.

Peter’s background and experience is second to none. He’s a Psychologist and former Oxford Don where he taught and carried out research as part of the Department of Experimental Psychology. His research interests include management style, business culture and body language where he is widely recognised as a world expert. But it doesn’t stop there! He was the resident psychologist on Big Brother’s first 4 series. He’s made numerous TV appearances including News at Ten, presented award winning C4 TV series ‘Body Talk’, and co-presented Sky 1’s ‘Psychology and Body Language’. Peter was also the body language expert for Sky News during the general election.

He has written articles for several newspapers and magazines including the Times and the Guardian, and is a successful published author including Social Psychology at Work. As a public speaker he’s given talks, media presentations and training to CIPD, MOD, Barclays Wealth, Unilever, JP Morgan and Devere to name but a few, and has provided consultancy to First Direct, HSBC and Intel amongst others. Peter brings great insight and challenge to us from the perspective of behavioural psychology in the development and direction of our platform and a wealth of experience in communicating the power of the human brain.

My Creds

Peter is widely acknowledged to be a world expert on body language.

  • Behavioural Psychologist

    World leading research, expertise and consultancy covering body language, culture and management style.

  • Published Author

    Multiple books including ‘The Book of Tells. How to Read Peoples Minds from Their Actions’ published in 10 countries.

  • Large Corporate Consulting

    Consulting, training and advice given to companies such as Zurich Bank, Blue Rubicon, Invesco and BSkyB.

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