I am Dr Alastair Goode


About Me

Ali is one of the worlds foremost experts in implicit testing

If you want to really understand implicit testing look no further than Dr Ali Goode who is one of the foremost leading experts in the subject. With 28 years experience in Cognitive Science and Behavioural Economics in consumer research Ali ensures that when we say implicit we mean implicit! He’s regularly sought out as a keynote speaker or a judge and has himself won multiple awards in research and media. He’s passionate about seeking out new and interesting ways to understand how the world works.

Not content with pioneering implicit in the consumer research space he brings us greater diversity with experience in eye tracking and consumer psychophysiological testing. All of which not only ensures we maintain our world leading status as an implicit Neurotech platform but helps us understand and identify where we can innovate next.

My Creds

The originator of understanding advertising effectiveness through implicit memory

  • Industry Expert

    Over 15 research and media awards across the industry as well as a judge on the IPA awards.

  • Innovation

    A track record of innovation in implicit testing and the originator of such tests in consumer research.

  • Thought Leader

    Recognised expert including keynote speaker at the IPA’s first Behavioural Economics event.

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Dr Alastair Goode

Cognitive Scientist, Behavioural Economist,
Implicit Expert

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