About us, and our company TRUTHSAYERS®

Our Mission

to enable happier more productive workplaces for millions of organisations worldwide

We want to fundamentally change the way that people engage, whether that’s between an employer and their employees or an organisation and its customers. It’s what we’re passionate about and why we get up in the morning and come to work, excited about what we’ve built and who we’ll meet. Our Neurotech® platform combines neuroscience with technology and data to deliver insights that simply haven’t been made available to business before. Now we want to bring our innovations to you.

We’re always looking to work with companies with bold leadership, that value honesty, openness and respect -those that won’t settle for the status quo and are ready and willing to change the game and have a positive and lasting impact. If you think that’s you and you know it’s time to do something different, we’d love to hear from you.

Our Creds

We're pioneers in commercialising neuro methods and tools in the workplace with over 20 years experience

  • A Proven Method

    One of the most extensive datasets of implicit results formed over years of commercial testing. Billions of data points with tens of thousands of people tested.

  • Global Experience

    Our IRTs are already used by some of the biggest companies in the world to communicate with consumers. Tested in over 20 countries across the globe.

  • Built by Experts

    Developed by neuroscientists, psychologists and business leaders. Expertise in implicit techniques, employee benefits and transformational change.

Meet the TRUTHSAYERS® team.

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Executive Team

We started Truthsayers because we are great friends who share a vision on how business should be. We enjoy honest banter and a robust conversation - all in the spirit of innovation, building products that will change the world, and keeping it fun.

Our shared values are simple: authenticity, courage and social purpose.